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Test your device

First, make sure that your device has not been already tested by someone else (step 2). If not follow these steps:

  1. Download audio test track with tones ranging from 1 to 10 kHz
  2. Play it on your computer and record the sound with your device (don't pay attention to commentaries, they are in Czech:-))
If you have musical ear, then
  1. Copy the recording to your computer and play it
  2. Check that each recorded tone sounds higher than the previous one
  1. Copy the recording to your or computer
  2. Drag and drop the recording into an open Avisoft Lite window
  3. Make sure that each horizontal line in the spectrogram window at the bottom is positioned higher than the previous one

If you still hesitate, just send the recording to us and we will let you know, whether your device is suitable for recording of yellowhammer song.

If your device turns out to be suitable, please let us know - either via or via form.

How to extract sound from movie

This becomes particularly handy when you have a slow internet connection. But we always appreciate it as it is easier to handle with small files. First of all download and install Pazera Free Audio Extractor. It has no fancy design, but its simple and easy to use. Just follow these few steps:

  1. Drag and drop your movie into the program window
  2. Set the output format to WAV
  3. Set the channels to mono
  4. Click on the CONVERT button

The program will extract audio from your clip and save it to the file with the same name as your video file, but with the WAV extension.

TIP: Save these encoder settings as 'yellowhammer dialects' for future use. It will save you some time.

How to use Epicollect app

Unlike in Alice in Wonderland, don't follow the white rabbit, but yellowhammer . Don't forget to enable GPS before start.

  1. Download and install Epicollect+ app
  2. Open Epicollect+ app
  3. Press MENU button and Load YellowhammerDialects project

  4. First three steps can be omitted next time, of course:)

  5. Start collecting data
  6. Record the song and press the arrow
  7. Obtain GPS coordinates and press arrow
  8. If you want to add any note, please do it, and press the arrow
  9. Store the data (on your phone)
  10. Add another recording...
  11. Or list all your recordings...
  12. ...Send data to the server, press MENU button and go home...
  13. ...and upload media to the server

Final note

Maybe you wonder how to make sure that the recordings you obtain with Epicollect+ will be stored under your name. Luckily, the application generates unique ID for each input, part of which is a signature of a particular device. Therefore, you can easily connect your phone with your name. To achieve that, load in Epicollect+ app a project called YellowhammerDialectsDevices and add your device. We will know then that this smartphone or tablet belongs to you.

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